Photography is a gift

I think there are some people who have a natural ability to create compelling photographs. I also think there people who have cultivated an ability to capture compelling photographs.

But the gift I’m talking about here is different. Awhile ago I was trying to figure out why I’ve enjoyed photography so much the last few years. I suddenly realized that finishing up a photo is like receiving a gift. I mean, I love the process of looking at the world through the camera lens in my eye and discovering things that might be interesting. And I do admit I often take the “spray and pray” approach - take a bunch of photos and pray that there's something good among them. But there is a certain satisfaction that comes after I’ve chosen a photo and manipulated it to what I originally saw in my mind. It’s like receiving a gift. And it’s something I’m very thankful for.

In your creative pursuit, make sure you hold it lightly and remember to be thankful for the gift – both the talent and the end result.


I shot this in Atlanta, GA and wasn't exactly sure why. But I really like the lines that developed from the railing, the steps and the shadows.