Looking back, looking forward

Every year about this time I look forward to doing my “annual report”. I spend a day reviewing the past year:

-          personal creative projects

-          what went well (or didn’t)

-          what I really enjoyed doing (or didn’t)

Then I develop a list of the common themes that run through all the best projects and activities of the past year. All of this is very helpful for the next step: planning next year.

Since I travel for my job, I mark down any extended periods that I’ll be on the road or on vacation. Then I go through these steps:

  1. list every conceivable creative project I can think of
  2. estimate what kind of time each one will take
  3. run them through the filter of common themes (see above)
  4. make a final decision on what I’ll commit to

I’m very blessed to have a wide variety of opportunities from theater to band gigs to photography projects. So many in fact, that my “annual report” gives me clarity on when to say no so I can actually complete what I commit to.


We spent time with family over the holidays and I captured this hutch in my sister-in-law's new home. It seemed to be smiling at all the laughter and conversation taking place at the dining room table.