Surprise ending

I often think about what Seth Godin calls “shipping” – the process of taking an idea and following through to its completion. Most creatives are very good at starting and experimenting and discovering. But it’s another thing to decide if a project is worthy of following through and then see it to completion.

One of my personal projects last year was the Columbiana Calendar. It’s a calendar of photos I’ve taken while riding my bike around town. I had decided to design, print and bind 15 samples and take them to local businesses to see if there was any interest. Even though there were times when I wondered if it was worth the effort, I followed through and eventually dropped off the samples. As it turned out, no stores ordered any calendars - not one! But someone heard about them and I started getting calls and website orders - all through word of mouth and the internet. I ended up selling 33 calendars directly to individuals even though that was not even part of the plan.

If you believe in something, commit to both the completion of it. But also commit to solving all the challenges to get there. You might be surprised at the end result!