Our obligation

I’d like to share some wisdom today from Scott Bourne. Scott is a popular photographer and recently posted these excellent thoughts on creativity and our obligations as creatives:

I have a friend. I call him Neil but many call him Shambu. He’s a talented musician and marketer. He’s also an ex-monk. He is not only someone I rely on as a friend, but someone who’s advice I seek and take seriously.

Recently we got together and had a conversation about our gifts – his music – and mine – photography. Neil helped me to put into words what I’ve felt for a very long time but was unable to utter. I asked him why he was so devoted to his music. He said simply and quickly, “To honor the talent I’ve been given.”

That was pretty deep. And it’s right on. I think those of us with creative gifts, whatever they may be, have an outright obligation to honor those talents. We need to create and share. We need to communicate what we’ve been allowed to do as a way to pay homage to the gifts.

You can read the full post here.


My wife has an incredible talent (and love) for house design. I photographed her making the final touches on a living room wall.