I love the holidays. Of course, there are friends, family and food. But there is also more down time, especially through the Christmas/New Year period. Because of this, I always plan to spend focused time learning more about a tool that enhances my creative projects. Last year I wanted to learn more about Adobe Premiere Pro which is a video editing software program. So I intentionally set aside time to watch youtube videos, read tutorials and just play with it. This year I bought a book on Photoshop and went through it.

I’ve been thinking lately that maybe this shouldn’t be just a “holiday” thing. Maybe I should be more intentional about scheduling blocks of time to learn about the tools I have. There’s a book that looks very interesting that I’m going to read that speaks to the idea of doing what you know rather than what you’re passionate about: So Good They Can’t Ignore You. I’ll write on it after I read it. If you’ve read it, feel free to leave a comment!


As you can tell, it's winter where I live. This is another "drive by" on the way to a state park. Sometimes the best shots are totally unplanned.