Our local theater is presenting “It’s a Wonderful Life” this Christmas and I am auditioning for a part in the play. Last night we had call backs and we all read various lines for the panel. The thing that stuck with me is how natural some parts seemed to be for certain people. There was one lady who just naturally seemed to have the voice, the demeanor of Ma Bailey. Another man had the gentle but assuring personality of Clarence.

While the best actors can play a multitude of characters, many times it’s a matter of finding the natural affinity of someone and their character. Certainly age and physical build play into this, but there’s also something more significant – something internal. When someone nails a part, you forget they are acting and get pulled into the story because you believe them. You trust them.

Whatever creative pursuits you have, make sure they come from deep inside you. People follow authenticity and will let you lead them if they fell your art is real.


A quick snapshot as I was walking down this path near Lake Erie this week. 


10 11 13 raw man walking down path.jpg


10 11 13 cooked man walking down path.jpg