Your voice

Photographer Rick Sammon frequently says “The camera looks both ways”, meaning what you capture is a reflection of who you are. He always says this in the context of portrait shots as a reminder to be relaxed and smiling so your subject is inclined to do the same.

But I think the same is true of any art. Everything you create comes from who we are, which is why it’s so important for you to make what only you can make. No one else has your style, your personality or your unique vision. No one else has had your life experiences and they certainly can’t express what’s inside of you better than you can.

Make it, sing it, write it, create it – it’s yours to share.


I've seen this little church many times when I've driven past it and finally took a shot at making it what I envisioned.



10 18 13 raw church in the trees.jpg


10 18 13 cooked church in the trees.jpg