Afraid of yes

Another excellent excerpt from one of my favorite books “Untitled: Thoughts on the Creative Process” by Blaine Hogan:

Scott Belsky and the team at the 99% Conference pose the following questions: “How may unwritten novels, half finished projects, and brilliant ideas have never seen the light of day? What separates creative people who make their ideas happen from the constant dreamers?”

What separates the truly creative people from the constant dreamers, and what gets the projects out the door, is often the ability to recognize that our fear isn’t in the “no”, but in the “yes”. We’re afraid of commitment because once we commit, the possibility of failure becomes very real.

You must be willing to eventually do the work, or you’ll always end up freezing when you hear the “yes”, or sabotaging things before you even get close.

This is great insight for all of us who create, especially if what we create is for others to see/watch/hear/experience.


I felt like this sunrise photo needed to be changed to a sunset - with a little more color added. 


10 24 13 raw hot air balloon at catalyst.jpg


10 24 13 cooked hot air balloon at catalyst.jpg