A brick wall

What do you do when there’s a brick wall between you and the creative things you want to (or have to) create? Do you ever experience this? Do you ever sit down at the computer or the canvas or the writing pad and just look at it?

What if you temporarily set aside the project you want/need to do and just explore the brick wall itself? What color are the bricks – red, white, brown? How high is the wall? Higher than you are? Or is it about the same height as you? How thick is it? How wide is it? Can you see the ends of the wall or do they go on beyond what you can see? The key is not to resolve all of these things, but to get away from the original task.

Sometimes just taking a break and deliberately focusing on something else helps. You come back to the original task with a clean mind and a fresh perspective.


Another shot from Chicago, IL... and another attempt to blend the old with the new... 


10 4 raw skyscrapers in chicago il.jpg
10 4 cooked skyscrapers in chicago il.jpg