Creative inspiration

Creative inspiration can happen anytime and anywhere. As I thought about this post I Googled ‘creative inspiration’, checked a couple websites and found a great list of 7 ways to break through the creative wall. Check these out:

I would only add one thing to this list: listen to live music where the musicians have the opportunity to take solos and play "out of their head" for awhile. And for me, it's even better when the meter is something other than 4/4. When I have this in the background as I'm creating it somehow gives me ‘permission’ to think in unconventional ways.

How do you break through the creative resistance?


We had a huge snow storm earlier this week and I took the opportunity to capture some homes in our neighborhood.


11 29 raw christmas house in columbiana ohio.jpg


11 29 cooked christmas house in columbiana ohio.jpg