Similarities between music and photography

Canon 1DX. Fender Strat. Gimball ballhead. Steinway grand piano. Lieka 24 – 70 lens. Hohner harmonica. If you’re a photographer or a musician, you need some kind of medium to be able to create (unless you’re a vocalist). And there are some incredible tools available for artist to create with. Even if you’re a “spooner” you probably want the best spoons to slap the side of your leg with. Artists also use vintage cameras and musical instruments because of the uniqueness or the emotion that they elicit.

So, there are the tools. And it’s nice when you have a good tool to use for your art. BUT, why do some artists touch your heart through their photography regardless of the camera brand? Why do some videos of teenagers singing a song with an old hand-me-down guitar go viral? I remember meeting with a church pastor one day and he had a photo of the Vietnam Memorial on his wall. It showed a man leaning against the wall and the ghosts of his comrades were looking at him with love and understanding. As soon as I saw the photo it was all I could do to keep from getting emotional. I didn’t care what camera or software the artist had used to create the piece. I just knew it evoked an immediate and unmistakable emotional response.

Music and photography both have some incredible tools for us to use. But don’t forget that both forms of art still need the 1-2 punch of the tool PLUS the story (or emotion).


I loved the reaction of the two geese on the sides. This was taken at Mirror Lake in Firestone Park - just a couple blocks from where I live. 



11 8 raw geese at firestone park mirror lake.jpg


11 8 cooked geese at firestone park mirror lake.jpg