Always refine...

…until the deadline. I heard an author being interviewed once – don’t remember who it was – and they said they never really finish a book. They just quit when the deadline comes. In any creative endeavor we all have constraints, whether it’s time, tools, resources – whatever. The key is to not fight against them, but use them to your advantage. Let them encourage you to dig even deeper and find ways to create that go beyond what you thought possible.

I’m in the cast of a play at our local theater. I play Clarence in “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Tonight begins our last weekend of shows and this morning I thought of three more things I can do to bring more character to Clarence. So, I’m going to run up to theater this morning, go through the new parts and make sure they sound as good on the stage as they did in my head.

So use constraints to your advantage and keep working until you know it’s time to quit.


He's putting the tools away in the barn. She's humming a song while stirring the beef stew. The fireplace is waiting for quiet conversation.


12 13 raw barn and farm house in winter.jpg


12 13 cooked barn and farm house in winter.jpg