Nike ninja

Sometimes you need to just write. Or draw. Or compose. Or photograph. Or do whatever your gifted at doing. When you feel like there’s a blank canvas that’s staring at you, just daring you to do something…. do it! Take the challenge. Begin the work. And when you begin it, don’t edit or critique or judge in any way. Just immerse yourself in the act of doing. Of acting. It’s also helpful to give yourself a time period – say – 5 minutes, where you will not stop creating until time is up. Set your camera alarm. Never even consider what it’s going to look like when you’re done. Just have faith that whatever you create is something you can eventually edit into a terrific masterpiece. Or at least something that will be satisfying to you.

I used this approach with this blog post. I had no idea what I was going to write until I started to write. Yes, I edited it some, but it worked for me, right here in real time. Nike popularized the phrase but you can use it to: Just do it! 


They say you shouldn't post photos of your pets... oops.


12 19 raw Cooper at Christmas time.jpg


12 19 cooked Cooper at Christmas time 2.jpg