Curating vs creating

Many times when we do creative work it requires some research or curating to get elements of the projects. Here are some examples:

- a google image search of similar design ideas for a graphic art project

 research on how to properly pronounce a British accent for an upcoming stage play

listening to music from a certain time period to get ideas for a video set in the same era

For me, the process of curating works best when I just focus only on that and not creating. If I get creative ideas while I’m curating, I’ll write them down somewhere but keep focused on the process of gathering information. Once I feel there is enough to go on, I’ll start creating with a much broader understanding and appreciation for the project at hand, knowing that I’ve done the necessary research.

This doesn’t mean you should never do any more research. It’s just a way to give yourself full permission to create with minimal distractions once you’re done curating.


The town I live in, Columbiana, Ohio, has a terrific light display at Firestone Park every year. This is the gazebo where many concerts and other productions are staged in the summertime.


gazebo at columbiana firestone park 12 26 raw.jpg


gazebo at columbiana firestone park 12 26 cooked.jpg