Emulate, then differentiate

II heard a photography podcast this week and they were talking about how to develop your own personal style. They were saying that one of the best ways to begin developing your style is to look at other creative work and find the common themes that draw you to that work.

As a young teen I began to play the piano and I remember listening to Elton John records (Yes, LP’s). I would play certain songs over and over until I could play the exact patterns and riffs he was playing. A few years later I began to write my own music which eventually morphed into this: shameless plug.

So, if you’re a photographer, try this – go to flikr or 500px and bookmark the first 5 photos that really stand out to you. Then look at each one for at least 5 minutes and write down the specific reasons why you were drawn to the photograph – the color, the subject, the texture - whatever. Finally, take a look at your list and see if there are common themes that emerge and begin to incorporate them into your photos.


I play in a band that does a Christmas concert each year. We have a couple fantastic vocalists: Greg Sprouse and his daughter Natalie. (this is Greg)