The notebook

No, this is isn’t about the movie, although I do have a music videoI created based on the movie. What I’m talking about in this post is the importance of recording ideas when they come to you. I’m sure you’ve heard someone say to keep a notebook with you so when a creative ideas hits you can record it for future use. And if you have a cell phone, you have a notebook. In fact, the hardest things may be to decide what app you’ll use to record your thoughts and ideas. I’ve found that the simple “Notes” app on the iphone works well for me. All I do is type or speak the idea into the app and then email it to myself. There are more sophisticated apps like Evernote that automatically sync your notes to your cloud account which can work well, too.

Whatever you choose, just make sure you record ideas that come from out of the blue. It may not be immediately apparent what they mean, but you can build on them at a later time.


I went to pick up supper one night and snapped this photo in the parking lot. It was a rushed shot and it took awhile to get to the essence of it.