A creativity fast

I took an unintentional fast from creativity this past week. My wife and I took a trip for our 30th anniversary and we booked a hotel on St. Augustine beach. We were going to relax, do some sight seeing and no doubt take alot of photos. As it turned out, we both got the flu near the beginning of our trip and spent most of the time sleeping in our hotel room. It wasn't until the last day that we felt like going into St. Augustine to see some of the sights before we had to make our way back.

While I had hoped to get many more photos than I did, it was good not feeling any pressure whatsoever to shoot. Sometimes when I'm in another local, I almost feel obligated to get shots since I'm only there temporarily. But it was good to shut everything out and just work on getting over the flu as soon as possible. And now that I'm back, I feel refreshed and ready to create some COOKED versions of the photos I did manage to get.


On our last day I notice this street musician and his dog down one of the side streets. At first I thought it was a stuffed dog, but it's a real live dog that happens to wear a wig and sunglasses...