Write now

Yesterday I was in a jetway waiting to board a plane when I heard a man talking about how he had missed a flight to Europe awhile back. He had to take the next flight and try to catch up with his group even though he didn't even know exactly where they would be (it was before cell phones). I've been wanting to write a short story and so I decided to use this story as inspiration. Here's what I wrote as soon as I boarded the plane:

I ran. And I ran. And I ran and ran and ran and ran. I mean, I moved fast. I was late and I needed to catch a flight on the pegapotamus (flying hippopotamus). The pegapotamus was never late, never delayed and she would not wait for me. You see, she was always on time because of her amazing ability to fly like the wind. Even though she was big and ugly and very awkward in every way, she would begin to run, flap her wings, create a might rush of wind, and lift off as easy as a sparrow flittering from a tree branch.

 I wrote more, but you get the idea. I'm not sure where it will eventually go, but I'm surprised at what came out when I just started writing without any editing and judgement.

So begin. Write, draw, compose, photograph. Now.


I was in Nashville this week for a business meeting and took a walk one morning. I took several shots of this stairway to get the angle I thought would work. Some blurring and shading helped highlight the angles going down (or up depending on your point of view).