Be Courageous

I had the opportunity to be a judge for theater auditions this week. As I sat there and listened to them sing and read I was amazed at their courage. I mean, there we were, the six of us sitting at a table staring at them with pen in hand and a score sheet. There they were, standing in front of us with no props and no music. Some were literally shaking with nervousness and others tried to hide it in different ways. I came away with complete respect for them and wanted to express my gratitude for their willingness to trade fear for something bigger – to go through this with no guarantee they would even be chosen.

As I see it, this was not only about being an artist – there are many artists in the world. This was about following through on the other part that doesn’t get as much press: driving yourself to a theater to stand in front of six total strangers and asking them to tell you if you’re good enough to be in their stage production – amazing! I hope I’m always willing to seize opportunities to risk my art as well.


I snapped this with my iPhone in between scenes during a theater play.