Cross training

If you’re into exercising you’ve probably heard of cross training. The idea is to do something different every once in awhile to develop other muscles and still get the cardio benefit. The reason it’s difficult is that you usually pay for the non-routine exercise with sore muscles for a couple days afterward. It can even be awkward if it’s something that’s hard to naturally do like cross country skiing.

The same is true of our creative pursuits. I think it’s good to cross train occasionally to exercise creative muscles you may not even know you have. If you’re a writer, try photographing a story rather than writing it. If you’re a musician, try a playing a different instrument or choreographing one of your songs. If you’re an artist, read a short story and try to pick up on the themes and character development.

Cross training will only work if it’s intentional but may produce some creative surprises.


This is a shot I took inside the St. Augustine lighthouse. For some reason I like the inside shots better than the ones I took after climbing 219 stairs to the top.