Happy accidents

I was in Washington DC earlier this week and had some extra time so I decided to take the Metro into town. It happened to be the peak season for cherry blossoms and so 300,000 other people decided to join me. I enjoyed getting some photos of cherry trees and people taking photos of cherry trees. As I made my way back I happened to get on the wrong metro train and went in the opposite direction of my destination. I realized it after the first stop and got off on the next stop. I had been looking for an opportunity to get an inside shot of the subway station and as I waited I realized hardly anyone else was there. It was the perfect opportunity to get out my camera and shoot. While it took me more time to get back to the car, I was really glad for this delay that resulted in the photo I posted on 4/11/13.

Be sure and stay open to the “happy accidents” as you create. Always look for the unexpected.


As I was "cooking" this photo the subject in the lower right kept emerging as some kind of animal with a water saddle on its back.