Similarities between art and music

I have often observed that the type music has positive effect on me when I am designing. If I’m designing something that needs to be edgy and out of the ordinary I usually go to Larry Carlton or a jazz/fusion artist. If it’s something more traditional I put on Secret Garden or a smooth jazz artist.

It’s easy for me to “see” different music styles in different painters. A Salvador Dali print, for me, would definitely be avant-garde music with varied key signatures and unexpected melodies. A Terry Redlin print would be more in line with soothing, smooth, easy listening music.

So, if you’re a visual artist or if you create something other than music, try listening to music that represents what you want to create. If you’re a musician, try looking at prints of artist that represent the type of song you want to compose.


I use an 18 - 270 lens almost all the time when I shoot photography. I love the way it takes me into a scene that I can't physically get to.