Bring your soul

I went to a wedding recently that was held in a barn. And it was beautiful. The barn had been converted into a wedding space and it had an incredible rustic authenticity. The bride was beautiful, the groom was handsome, and the food was excellent. But what I enjoyed the most was the music. The band included a keyboardist, violin player, guitarist, drummer and accordion player. They played one song before the wedding march and it was 4 chords. The keyboardist started out playing softly and set the mood. A little later the guitarist joined in and soon after the others would add their parts. They even added vocals at certain points. There was no script, there were no words, only the unspoken communication between artists that know when and how to play that brings music to life.

That day they took the music from theory to reality, from notes on a page to feelings that stirred the soul. It was because they combined their soul with their talent - they were literally worshipping God as they played. And I am grateful to have had the experience. Remember to bring your soul to your art.


A defining moment...