Stay fresh

I remember when I first got into photography a few years ago. It was exciting and new. I would take photos of everything – the cup on the sink, the trees in our back yard, the funny looks on our dog’s face. In time, I’ve been more selective in what I take unless I’m in a new environment. It’s almost like a new location invites me to get creative again because I’m not familiar with my surroundings. Here’s how Denise Shekerjian describes this in the book “Uncommon Genius”:

Overfamiliarization with something – an idea, say, or a method, or an object – is a trap. Where creativity is concerned, that is the irony of skill: the more adept you are at something. The less likely you are to appreciate a varying interpretation; the greater your mastery of the skills and routines associated with a particular discipline, the less you will be tempted to generate new approaches.

Remember to stay fresh and to stay curious as you create.


Baltimore's Inner Harbor offers great photo opps. I had a short time there this week and this was one of the captures I came back with.