Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum – otherwise known as filler – random text. If you’re a graphic designer you’ve no doubt used this to fill text areas until you have the actual copy. It’s a convenient way to place phantom text, but it wouldn’t do a whole lot of good if you left it there for people to try and interpret.

The same is true of creative projects. There are times when I want to “Lorem Ipsum” some things so I can get on to the next project. It’s usually a low priority project that is more of a nuisance but has to be done. There are three things I keep try to remember when this happens:

  1. Value it because it’s art. Work on the project because of its intrinsic value, not to meet a deadline, or please the person who wants it, or any other reason. It’s art -  it’s your art.
  2. Give it a timeframe. Decide ahead of time how long you’ll spend on the project and then stop. Walk away.
  3. Take one more look. After you’ve finished the project, allow some time to go by and then take one more look at the piece. It’s funny how often you see one or two tweaks that really set it apart and make it something you’re really proud of.


I often ride my bike on the weekends and capture moments in our town of Columbiana, Ohio. This is a quaint, little church on S. Vine Street.