Take note of it

I was running this morning and enjoying our warm springtime weather. As I came up one of the streets I looked over at a retaining pond that has one of those spraying fountains in the middle. It was beautiful. The sun was angled just right behind it and just high enough that the falling water looked like a stream of glittering gold. I immediately decided to come back with my camera tomorrow morning (assuming it’s sunny) and get some still shots and video of this scene.

There have been other times where thoughts hit me like last week at a drive thru. As I was sitting there I wondered if they would ever invent drive thru restrooms. I know it’s nonsensical but I thought it might be the start of a comedy line if you set it up right. Either way, I wrote it down in my phone just in case the idea connects with something else in the future.

Remember to record your thoughts, ideas, and observations, even if they seem totally outlandish or disconnected. The mind has a way of mashing it all up and sometimes creating a totally new perspective on things.


The sun keeps rising earlier and earlie now but ealry morning is still worth getting up for the light. This was taken on the square of our little town - Columbiana, Ohio.