I gave a talk this week in Grand Rapids, MI. Part of the talk was a retrospective on my life with Tourette Syndrome. It includes a mix of narration, live music and acting. On my way to the event I listened to a series of lectures on storytelling. Even though I wasn’t able to get all the way through them, by the time I got to the location I felt somehow inspired and equipped. It was like the professor was not only giving me pointers on how to tell stories more effectively, she was also encouraging me and giving me permission to go beyond my normal approach for this talk.

I don’t know if it’s personality type – maybe a “C” (compliant) on the DISC profile which looks for permission – or if learning new methods and ideas just naturally encourages you to be more creative. Either way, learning from others is a great way to move beyond your creative limits and perspectives.


A shot from early this morning...