Soak on it

A couple weeks ago I was asked to provide video backdrops for a concert. The idea was to provide supporting images to a few of the songs as they were sung. As I first thought about it, I figured I would get the images together and put them into a Powerpoint slide show. Then I would find out the length of each song, divide that by the number of images and manually advance each slide in real time. Awhile later I thought about developing individual slide groups for each song and set up the slides to advance automatically so I wouldn’t have to sit there with a stopwatch the whole time. Finally, it occurred to me that I could develop a video for each of the image groups, embed them into Powerpoint and let them play during the songs.

So, when you have a creative task, try to give it enough time to soak and iterate the solution. You might be surprised at the final result.


I was on a business trip in Oklahoma this week. As I was driving back to my hotel I snapped some photos of this incredible sunset.