Similarities between music and art

I’ve written before on the similarities between music and art. This time I would like to focus on one aspect: Rhythm. There are some songs that have a very precise rhythmic format to them. I usually think of the funk genre because that’s one of my favorites. These are the best songs for dancing because of the straight up 4/4 rhythm. Many classical songs have a very rhythmic feel to them as well. I would represent that in this way:


Then there are the non-rhythmic songs that are typically slower and don’t have much, if any, instruments that are driving the song. They're more flowing and smooth. I would represent that in this way:


Finally, there are the unusual rhythms that don’t feel quite balanced. Good examples of this are some jazz fusion songs that have time signatures of 5/4 or 7/4 - sometimes in the same song. I describe these as “songs you can’t dance to”. Here’s what I would show to represent these songs:


I was driving down Route 7 in Boardman, OH and saw this building under construction. The green color was so striking that I turned around, parked across the street and got some shots of it.