Seek Advice

I’m in the middle of a rustic furniture project right now. It’s going to be a desk that is made up of two rustic wood slabs that came from my Father-in-law’s woods. Here’s what they look like so far:


I’ve heard a lot about how woods warps when it begins to dry so I asked Sill Weaver, a local craftsman, what he would suggest. Sill is the lead carpenter at Bauman Custom Woodworking in Salem, Ohio. He said the ends begin to dry first and suggested putting polyurethane on them before anything else. This helps reduce the cracking that occurs from drying because the wood dries from the ends in to the middle.

There are times when seeking the advice of someone who is farther along in the journey than you are can make a huge difference. So, go after your creative craft with abandon, but don’t forget to pause occasionally and learn from someone else, even if what they are doing isn’t exactly the same. It might accelerate your learning curve more than you anticipated.


In this time of year the fields around our town of Columbiana, Ohio become green with corn stalks waving in the breeze. We try to eat as much fresh corn as we can while it's fresh, like this piece from last night.