Fear and creativity

I’ve often thought that fear and creativity are like oil and water. In other words, they don’t mix – you can’t have both at the same time. But I don’t think that’s true. Certainly, you can’t be in constant fear when you create – it could become paralyzing and counterproductive. But I think there’s almost always a degree of fear when you create, especially if it’s something unfamiliar to you or the stakes are high.

Todd Henry has an excellent blog post on how to break down fear as an artist. He offers these three questions to consider when you find fear creeping into your creative workflow:

  1. How much of my fear is based on ignorance?
  2. How much of my fear is a lack of faith in my ability, versus a lack of faith in the environment?
  3. How much of my fear is rooted in a concern about being uncomfortable?

I encourage you go read his post here.


When I saw this sunset the bank of weeds, I thought there might be a photo if I could combine the two. After about 10 shots I finally felt like there was one I could work with.