Your art

There are multiple definitions of art floating around. But the one that intrigues me is the idea that art does not exist if it is not observed. In other words, all the songs and photographs on my hard drive that no one has heard or seen do not qualify as art. For them to be considered art, someone other than the creator has to be exposed to it.

While this can be debated, it leads me to another thought which is “Why is it so hard to share our art?” I wrote in a previous post about an experience I had creating and selling a calendar last year. My idea was to take photos of the area surrounding Columbiana, OH and sell them to businesses that would in turn sell them to local residents. So I printed 15 copies, dutifully dropped them off at local businesses and waited for the orders to pour in. And I waited. And I waited some more. Not one business ordered the calendar.  However, someone caught wind of what I had done and wanted a calendar for themselves. And then someone else. And I ended up selling 43 calendars directly to individuals that heard simply through word of mouth.

So, regardless of the “true” definition of art, if you have something you want to share with others, share it! It may not be received exactly how you envisioned – it may be even better.


This is a deli I shot as I was in Bronx, NY on a business trip. These stores are colorful pieces of art set in the midst of drab urban row houses.