Just Look

There’s a clear difference when I take a walk with my camera and when I take a walk without my camera. When I have my camera my eyes are constantly scanning the landscape looking at subjects and composing possible shots. I’m in constant “hunter” mode almost as if I have very limited time to get “the” shot.

The same holds true if I’m listening to a band. It’s very easy for me to drift into analyzing what the drummer is doing with the kick drum and how the bass player is in sync with it (or not). Or if the vocalist is on key, or the keyboard player is using left hand chords or ....

But there are times when we need to just look – put down the pen or the camera or the brush – and just experience what's going on around us. This morning I was running and the sunrise was perfect. There was a group of clouds near the horizon the multiple “God rays” were shooting out of it and into the sky above. Since all I could do was look I saw how it changed colors and intensity - stuff that I probably would have missed if I was focused on getting just the right shot with my camera.

So, while you create, make sure you take time to observe on occasion. I think you’ll be a better creator for it.


I couldn't resist taking this photo last weekend. We were staying at a house on Lake Erie and I saw this guy near a dock we were on. The photo is called: Pelican Outhouse.