Creativity and constraints

“To create meaningful work, the artist must have constraints”

This phrase comes from the book “Untitled” by Blane Hogan. He was saying, in effect, that constraints are necessary for creativity to flourish. When you think about it, every time we create there are constraints of some kind - time, money, tools – whatever. I must admit there are times when I wonder if I could create more if I had more of something – time, money, tools – whatever. But the genius in creativity is that it is by its nature, well, creative. If we only had a stage and no props, what would it take to convince an audience we were in a café in the 1930s sipping black tea while watching shoppers pass by? Would it be possible to convey this without even using words? I think so.

So embrace your constraints. Be thankful for them. And keep creating.


One of the folks who live on the streets in Charlotte, NC...



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