Call an audible

I have an exercise routine that includes running every other morning at 6:30AM. This morning as I looked outside there was a thick, dense layer of fog everywhere I looked, which, at sunrise is a great time to take photos. So, I grabbed my camera, put on my bike helmet, and rode off to some of my favorite photo spots to get some cool, misty photos amidst the blanket of fog. And, I still got a good workout by riding my bike.

The key is that I knew where my helmet was. I knew where my small camera bag was. I knew my bike tires were pumped up. In other words, I was prepared to make the best of an ideal situation.

Be open to new opportunities. Watch for pleasant surprises that offer a chance to expand your creative muscles from time to time. And don’t be afraid to call an audible to maximize a creative situation.


Here's a quick edit of a photo from this morning. In the end, I felt the swans detracted from the mysterious, eerie felling I wanted to portray.


8 30 raw pond in the fog.jpg


8 30 cooked pond in the fog.jpg