Creativity and relationships

A couple nights ago I played at an outdoor concert with Natalie Sprouse and her band. It was a beautiful night and a great experience playing with such talented musicians.

What has stayed with me since is how a creative project can bring people together. I only knew a couple of the band members before we started rehearsing a few weeks ago. By the time we played this week we had developed friendships and that “musicians bond” where we could nod cues to each other while we were playing and know exactly what was next. Granted, some of this comes from each of us playing music for many years in various bands, but so often it goes beyond just blending musical talents. There’s a relational bond that forms when people blend their gifts for a common purpose.


One of the many soy bean fields around Columbiana, Ohio. I may have gotten a little carried away with the post production on this one...