Say something, feel something

Several years ago I heard a preacher say he never wanted anyone to leave their Sunday morning service without feeling something. He would rather them feel sad or mad or upset rather than have a feeling of indifference. This was reinforced this week as I attended a conference for creatives. We listened to two people from Nike’s creative department and one of their main points was: “Do something that makes people have an opinion – good or bad.

As I think about the things I create, sometimes it’s hard to know when I have a piece that will move people - positively or negatively. Here are a couple thoughts I’ve come up with:

1.       Does it move me? When I see it or hear it or experience it do I instinctively want to drill down into its components?

2.       As I picture others experiencing something I created, would their hand come up to stifle a yawn or would their hands come up to clap wildly?

I was gratified a few weeks ago when I watched a lady looking at a photo I created. She looked at it, smiled and even pointed it out to her husband. When you create, feel your own emotion first and then think about how others might react as well.


This building seemed so out of place among the other drab building colors on the horizon. Even though I've never seen a pink-ish skyscraper, it made me feel something:) 



9 21 raw building in charlotte nc.jpg


9 21 cooked building in charlotte nc.jpg