Two more similarities between music and photography

Photography and music are a blend of art and math. And it’s interesting how they can be compared to each other when it comes to the creative process. 

Here are my current thoughts:

1.       The hook – When I go out on a shoot, let’s say in a big city, I initially want to get a view of the sky line or tall buildings or perhaps a homeless person. The “hook” comes when that unique subject, lighting and timing all come together. As soon as you see it, you know it’s going to be a good photo. With music, the hook is the consistent message or melody that sticks with you long after the song is over. This is the thing you build the rest of the song around.

2.       The final – Post production in photography, at least for me, is an exercise in highlighting the subject the best way possible. That could mean eliminating all unnecessary distractions, bumping up the subject’s colors, blurring out certain elements or simply adding a vignette. In music, post production means much the same thing – highlighting the “hook”. You can do this by making sure instruments are playing at different octave levels, adding reverb (or not), adjusting individual volume levels and even altering tempo at certain places.


Speaking of shooting in the city, I was in Chicago last week and used a slow shutter speed for this photo. It was interesting to see the historic cathedral behind the futuristic floating car. You can see how I tried to highlight the subject which in turn brought out the message (hopefully). 



9 27 raw cathedral in chicago il.jpg


9 27 cooked cathedral in chicago il.jpg