More creativity quotes

Here are 5 quotes from one of my favorite books “Untitled: Thoughts on the Creative Process” by Blaine Hogan:

Without constraints, nothing grows – in me, or the art.

An artist’s job is to see well and to do that you must have slow and steady eyes to see.

Becoming a great artist is about sitting and paying attention to the world that is passing everyone else by.

If we are going to create truly meaningful art, then we must fight tooth and nail to capture what others are missing.

Your art will never advance unless you are curious about its boundaries and why it sometimes doesn’t work the way you want it to.


One of my favorite places to photograph is Pine Lake near our home in Columbiana, OH. This house was moved from the old Firestone testing grounds to the edge of Pine Lake which is just down the street. 


9 5 raw historic house on pine lake.jpg


9 5 cooked historic house on pine lake.jpg