Break your stride

I once heard someone talking about the importance of taking breaks and they said “Divert daily, withdraw weekly, abandon annually”. I used to think that going “off line” was a detriment to productivity, especially if I was in the middle of a project. But I’ve come to believe it’s kind of like Sigmoid Curve:

Sigmoid 2.jpg

The idea is that if an organization is approaching  the top of the curve, they need to step back and innovate their next chapter or they’ll soon start on the downside of the curve and eventually become irrelevant.

Remember to see what a deliberate break can do for your creative productivity. There are some great examples of creative rituals that you can read about here.


This is another drive by shot. I'm not sure the final turned quite like I visualized it when I took the photo - maybe a little over-processed...




old grey barn in negley ohio cooked 1 16.jpg