Look back

What have you done? Take a moment to think about specific projects you’ve completed. Try and list 6 that immediately come to your mind without judgment or evaluation. Now look at them as a whole. What are the patterns? Are they all one type? Songs or paintings? Fiction or non-fiction? Do they all have a similar subject? Were they all done at a certain time in your life?

Your “body of work” is important. When you step back and assess it, three things emerge. You discover that:

1.       It is unique. No one else can lay claim to your body of work regardless of how you feel about it. It is all you.

2.       It speaks about you. There are themes and patterns buried in your body of work that reflect you – your tastes, your affinities, even your aspirations.

3.       It points to the future. Once you identify the common themes and patterns, you begin to see what you can build on. Future creative pursuits may not be exactly the same, but you’ll probably create out of similar values and passions.


I was on a business trip in Tampa, FL this week and had a couple hours one afternoon. As I got to the marina the fishing boats were coming in which always attracts various birds. Pelicans always make me smile for some reason. 




pelican in tampa florida cooked 1 24.jpg