A time and place

John Cleese: “Creativity isn’t a talent, it’s a way of operating.” When I read this it struck a chord with me - I think it’s true. I say this because one of the most creative time periods in my life is the 30 minutes I spend running in the morning through our local park and cemetery. It’s like my brain knows this is the time to flesh out a character I’m playing or craft a video or write a song – whatever. Many times I’ve come back from a run and went right to the computer to record ideas that came to me.  In fact, I can still visualize exact spots where certain lyrics came to me and where I got ideas for a character in a play.

So, what does this mean to you? Do you believe creativity is more of a way of operating rather than an actual talent? If so, do you have a creative time and place set aside?


I've taken many photos of this fence. It's at a perfect spot - there's a stop sign and I can shoot right out my window. I like the way all the rustic elements come together.


american flag on a fence raw  1 31.jpg


american flag on a fence cooked 1 31.jpg