Shackles on / shackles off

How do you consider what project to do next? I have an opportunity to lead a creative project which is something I think I can do and would enjoy. But I know it will require a large part of my time and energy. And that scares me. I keep thinking that halfway through it I’ll wonder what ever possessed me to say “yes” and commit myself.

So, how do you decide in situations like these? Are there criteria that you can bring out to help make an informed decision? Here are some random things I would consider:

-          Does it fit with my gifts and abilities?

-          Will it bring value to the people it serves?

-          Can I commit with the understanding that I will not regret or second guess once it’s started

-          Am I being fair to those that need me while I’m involved in the project?

Here’s one more test that comes from the book “Body of Work – Finding the Thread That Ties Your Story Together:  Does it feel “shackles on” or “shackles off” when you think about doing it?


I rarely post photos that aren't photoshopped in some way, but this barn was intriguing to me. I'm not sure if it was the snow or old age... or both.




old barn in Andover Ohio cooked 1 9.jpg