Pick and choose

We all have seasons where our schedules are disrupted by planned or unplanned events. Those events affect what we prioritize because there is always a finite amount of time. Sometimes this means reducing or perhaps putting on hold our creative projects, unless of course we create for a living.

I think it’s important for us to give ourselves permission to “take a rest” periodically and not obsess over getting it done just for the sake of getting it done. Recently I’ve been involved in a theater production that has been wonderful to lead. My wife and I co-directed the show and it is always an incredible time commitment. And it’s been freeing to give myself permission to not blog as much and reduce the time I normally spend on other routine creative projects.

If you find yourself in the midst of a busy season, build in times of respite even if it means reducing your creative pursuits. Remind yourself this chapter will eventually be over and you’ll be able to re-order your time commitments again.