Creative discipline

One of the benefits of being older is learning certain truths when it comes to producing creative work. One thing I’ve come to know as reality is the idea of discipline, especially as it relates to creativity. This is especially true if you’re working on something that requires many small pieces of creativity, like a series of videos, or photographs, or even scenes in a stage production.

Once I know the end goal – the win – I break down the milestones and set aside time to accomplish each one, knowing that they’ll all add up to the final piece. With a plan established I am free to create the various pieces of the project and not have the “fog” of wondering if I’ll make the deadline.

Remember to plan the work, and work the plan.


This is one of my favorite spots for morning photography. It's just outside of Columbiana, OH and the eastern sunrise often bathes this hillside in just eh right light.