Create vs edit

When we create there seems to be two modes that constantly compete for our attention: 1. Create 2. Edit. Somehow our brain is able to simultaneously write, paint, compose and otherwise create something while at the same time it can edit, critique and evaluate. But, what would happen if we just created? If we just said no to the critiquing part for an hour? Or two? I think we would be able to produce things that are way beyond what we’ve ever done. Sure, it would be a little sloppier and maybe even bizarre at times. But there would be a time to critique and edit later on. That would be step #2.

I’m not sure why we feel we must edit “on the fly”. Maybe we think it will save time in the end. But what we lose in creativity just isn’t worth it. On your next project set aside two different sections. First, create. If you write, then start writing. And write and write and write. And then write some more. Once you’ve poured everything out on the screen, then take a break and come back later to edit. I think you’ll be surprised at what you created without any edits going on at the same time.


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