The mockup

I’m designing a website right now and it will have over 500 Photoshop tutorials. This is one of the most ambitious websites I’ve done and there are many directions I can go on the design. After thinking about it for awhile I wanted to jump in, open up Photoshop and get to it. But, I decided to wait on that and get out a blank sheet of paper to record design ideas as they came to me. Looking back on it, I am so glad I took this step. Two pages later I began to put in on the computer screen. And even that was probably too soon.

When you have a pencil in your hand there is a freedom that you don’t get on the computer screen. It’s more fluid, you can draw a line to start a new idea and all of it is in front of you. So as you iterate, each idea builds on earlier ones until you have it refined enough to switch over to the computer.

On your next project try starting it very low tech – with a pencil in your hand.


At least the sides were built well.