Creative regimentation

I don’t know whether there is any truth to the “creative is unorganized” stereotype. I know that all of have different levels of left and right brain orientation. But, as a creative person, I have found much freedom in segmenting my day and giving myself “permission” to create at certain times. For example, I set aside a small amount of time – usually a half hour – to do things that I am not naturally inclined to do like finances or administration. I also have a designated learning time in the morning where I watch tutorials on and Adobe product or a topic I’m interested in. I try to do this for all the things that don’t require a lot of creativity but need to get done regardless. Once my brain knows I have a time period allotted for the more mundane tasks, I have a much greater freedom to pour myself into the creative times and not have the cloud of “to do’s” hanging over me.

For greater creative freedom in your life, try setting aside time segments for the non-creative things. It will help you be more present and engaged in your creativity and might even help get some other things off your to do list.


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