Let it percolate

Sometimes we have the opportunity to let a creative project percolate or “simmer” for awhile. There seems to be a sweet spot for me between too little time to do something and too much time, where the project becomes stale and over-thought.

I’m working on a video right now that will be shown before live stage productions to remind people to turn off their cell phones. It’s a man in a dungeon reflecting on how he got there (because he forgot to turn off his cell phone). The project has marinated in my mind enough to where I’ve added some little touches - a mouse runs behind him at one point and some bats fly out from the back of the room. But, I know I need to record the final take now and be done with it. It also helps that our next stage production opens next weekend:)


I couldn't decide whether to keep the plane wing in or not. Finally decided to take it out. This was from a flight going to Nashville last year.