Relentless routine

I’ve recently become self employed and have much more freedom with my time. I’ve found that the increased freedom requires more focus and intentionality when it comes to time management. I’m very fortunate in that my first client is my former employer so some of my time is spoken for. I’m taking what’s left and dividing it up into blocks that have designated projects to work on.

For example, I am doing a one-man show in a few weeks. It includes both acting and playing the piano. It’s been awhile since I’ve done the show so I’ve divided it up into bite-sized chunks and assigned blocks of time to re-memorize everything. While this doesn’t seem very “creative” it gives me a routine that allows me to focus on both re-learning the show as well as creating new things that enhance it even more. I no longer have to worry about whether I’ll have the entire show put together in time – it’s built in to the routine.

Do you find that routine gives your creativity a boost?


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